High total body definition with liposculpture

The great differences in the anatomy of men and women require that the body design in men be much more specific and artistic. because the muscle groups are larger, and, the distribution of body fat is very different. Another major difference between men and women is, bone structure;  the shape of the hips and the male thorax takes the shape of an inverted triangle, which is the opposite of the ideal female figure. The male gluteal region has very specific characteristics and all its components are studied and classified to avoid giving this area a gynecoid shape. The way in which this body definition is planned and carried out requires a broad mastery of the anatomy of the muscle groups.

Technology has a fundamental contribution during this process;  The use of liposculpture assisted by ultrasound or laser helps to sculpt with greater pressure and detail the edges and contours of the muscles and favor the retraction of the skin. Each patient needs an individualized course of treatment based on their body anatomy, skin quality, and exercise habits.

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