Reconstruction of the tuberous breast

Tuberous breasts are often confused with small breasts that have not developed completely. However, it’s a inborn anomaly that occurs at puberty. The main characteristics of this alteration are diminished or absent breast tissue below the level of the nipple with a tubular shape to the breast, enlarged areola with tissue herniation and an elevated inframammary fold (the fold between the lower breast and the chest).

The solution to this condition is only surgical and to carry it out, it is necessary to define in a clear and careful way, the anatomical issues associated with the deformity of the breast and the objective to achieve. With the reconstruction of the tuberous breast, the groove can be placed below the breast in its ideal position, the volume of the lower mammary pole increased, the size of the areola reduced, the breast tissue redistributed, the volume of the breast increased, the appearance of the neckline improved and its asymmetry corrected as far as possible.

Before and After

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