Non-invasive and painless treatment that reshapes the figure by eliminating fat, cellulitis and reducing loose skin. Its main benefits are:

  • It increases the blood circulation of the fatty tissue, improving its metabolism and with it, the flow of its disposal and as a result, decreases the adipose thickness and cellulitis.
  • It favors the natural lymphatic drainage of the body. Liquids and toxins are eliminated from the adipose panniculus and cellulitis
  • Stimulates the formation of new collagen and elastin in internal layers, restructuring the internal fatty tissues and giving it firmness, which translates externally into a firmer skin.

Therefore, the volumetric reduction of the treated area is the result of metabolic elimination of fat, the release of fluids from the lymphatic system and the restructuration of fibers in internal tissues. Another great benefit of radiofrequency is the reaffirmation of the loose skin on the face, because its application is selective, that is, it allows to treat concrete parts in the body.

The radiofrequency generates electromagnetic waves and produces a rapid rotational movement of the water molecules in the fatty tissue, heating it by friction. The higher or lower temperature obtained depends on the amount of water in the treated area and in general, the more the temperature rises, the better the results. That is why it is so important to drink plenty of water for several weeks before undergoing a radiofrequency session.

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