Liposculpture with Microair

MicroAire is a new technology designed to optimize the mobilization of fat deposits during liposculpture. MicroAire or PAL (Power Assisted Liposuction) uses vibrating cannulas that help us facilitate the mobilization of fat, decreases damage to tissues, and their blood vessels. We can more precisely sculpt anatomical areas of the body, maximizing skin retraction. With this technique, the duration of surgery is reduced by up to 35%. For women and men who only considered performing liposculpture on some areas of theirbody, it is now easier and safer to perform a 360 degrees liposculpture that helps us sculpt, enhance and define the natural angles and curves of the body to achieve a defined and attractive silhouette. With MicroAire, it is possible to perform a SAFE Lipo. SAFE Lipo is one of the most innovative surgical techniques to perform liposculpture. It consists of 3 simple steps: separation of the fat, equalization of the fat, and aspiration of the fat.

With MicroAire, it is also possible to perform EVL (Expansion Vibration Lipofilling), which is a revolutionary, safer, and more effective fat grafting technique that allows the transfer of a greater volume of fat. With the MicoAire cannulas, it is possible to pre-expand the area to be infiltrated with fat, creating an adequate subcutaneous space to receive the fat grafting without damaging the deep muscle planes. This allows a higher percentage of fat cell survival for those grafted in the gluteal region and hips.

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