Body contour

These techniques seek to correct, beautify and rejuvenate the body with a natural result according to the specific needs of each patient. Find the procedure of your interest and contact us to receive adequate attention and advice.

High definition HD Liposculpture (4K)

Liposuction is no longer just a surgical technique but has, become an art. The art of sculpting the ...

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Lipoabdominoplasty or tummy tuck

The anterior part of the abdomen can be affected by pregnancy or by weight loss; the skin breaks and...

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Buttock and hip liposculpture and fat grafting

With this technique, we use the fatty tissue that we can obtain from your hips, flanks, or abdomen v...

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Ultrasonic waist design and remodeling (Rib resection)

This procedure helps to mold and define the feminine silhouette;  decreases the diameter of the wai...

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Gluteal Implants

Achieving the best definition and projection of the gluteal region is one of, the main challenges in...

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Tummy tuck correction

When the results of a previous tummy tuck have not been satisfactory, the correction can be a very e...

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