Breast lift

Breasts are subject to various transformations, either by genetic factors, pregnancies, weight loss, hormonal changes or simply the passing of the years makes them lose their appearance. They can become saggy, or lose their firmness and ideal position.

To reconstruct a saggy breast (breast ptosis), recover firmness, symmetry, proportion and general appearance, this procedure is indicated. It is often necessary to perform a breast lift, not just add volume. A breast lift, in addition to increasing volume, restyles the breast tissue, simultaneously modifying the position of nipple and areola, and recovering their juvenile appearance.

There are 3 types of scars. It depends on the amount of skin, fat tissue or glandular tissue to be eliminated and if it is decided to be performed simultaneously with a breast augmentation.

  1. A periareolar scar (around the areola).
  2. A vertical scar
  3. Additional to the scar placed in the submammary groove. It is a horizontal scar known as “inverted T” and it’s necessary when there is a large amount of skin and breast tissue.

Before and After

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