Martha Ingalls
Full Face Lift

Dr. Valdez has provided me the service of a face lift, I am so pleased and thrilled of my outcome.

The Doctor has many qualities that make him and his talent a remarkable combination. He listens and has compassion for you.

Last year I had breast implants which I love and next year I will have butt implants.

I recommend his services to anyone that needs cosmetic surgery! I feel completely confident coming to Cancun to have surgery! All of it has been a fabulous experience.


Martha Ingalls.

Vince Ingalls
Abdominoplasty + Liposuction

To whom it may concern:

I am writing to let potential patients know that they would be lucky to have Dr. Valdez do any procedure on them. Last year I had a face lift, and this year I had a tummy tuck and liposuction. These results are spectacular! No one knows I had work done, because there was minimal swelling and bruising.

Dr. Valdez is not only an artist in the operating room, he is a compassionate gentleman face to face. He helps the patient to relax before and after the procedure. He will answer any questions. He makes you feel important and would never cut you off to run to the next patient.

I would highly recommend Dr. Valdez to anyone looking for cosmetic surgery.


Vince Ingalls.

Joany Gauvreau
Signature Advanced Facial Rejuvenation+ Breast Lift with Implants

Having previous cosmetic/plastic surgery done in Ontario, Canada… Dr. Valdez and his team has exceeded my expectations. The professionalism and care service is above and beyond.

I would recommend all my fellow ladies and gentleman from Canada to have their cosmetic/ plastic surgery done here in Cancun, Mexico by Dr. Valdez.

My experience in Canada was bad, the service was quick and I felt I was just a number, the care was horrible… Now this is the only place I would be visiting for my future upkeep.


Chelsi Blackwell
Breast Lift+ Capsulectomy and Breast Implants Removal

I am from Whitefish, MT. I consulted with multiple Drs. in the area as well as Spokane, WA. I liked multiple Drs. but was not getting the “this is it” feeling. I heard about Dr. Valdez from a couple of woman in a group I was following, they had nothing to say but praise for Dr. Valdez, so I decided to take the first step and reach out.

My consult was scheduled right away. I was nervous at first as it was a video consult and I didn’t know how I would convey my concerns and get answers via Facetime, I was blown away. The level of professionalism and knowledge impress me instantly. I opted to have another video chat a week later so my husband could be present, we both knew after the consult that “this was it” Dr. Valdez was the Doctor for me.

When I arrived in Cancun and had my first face to face and final consult, my confidence just continue to grow, I knew I had made the right decision. He explained me things that I had never heard from another Dr. He spent over an hour measuring and marking to show me exactly what he was doing and why. He is clearly and artist and take pride in his work.

I could not have asked for a better Dr. in any area. His bedside manner, attention to detail, individuality (I was just not another patient) and expertise were a step above. To say that I am happy with my results and understatement, Dr. Valdez is truly an artist and I could not ask for anything better. I would highly recommend him and his team for any procedure.


Chelsi Blackwell

Tami Stout
Full Face Lift

I had three consultations in the US before my consult with Dr. Valdez and I heard the same plan four times. When I got to Mexico and met Dr. Valdez, he immediately put me at ease. Dr. Valdez is a skilled plastic surgeon.

I am one week into my recovery and I already see wonderful results. I cannot imagine where I will be in one, two, or even three months as I continue to heal. Simple stated – have a plan, follow the plan you and Dr. Valdez up with, give yourself time to heal, be compliant with your instructions and be amazed at the beautiful results.

Tami Stout.

Jennifer Bruns

Dr. Valdez exceeded my expectations! He was professional, knowledgeable, very skilled and most of all, kind.

His care for my situation was completely centered on what was best for me –not necessarily “just another surgery”. He showed me great concern for my wellbeing and really listened to all my questions answering each with tough fullness.

Although I am only a few days post-op, I can already attest to the very skilled job he did and am thrilled with the results.


Roxy Emmel
Signature Advanced Facial Rejuvenation

I couldn’t be more pleased each time I had Dr. Valdez do a procedure on me. Last year 11-28-17, he performed 3 surgeries in one redoing implants I had done 30 years previously. He definitely is truly gifted at what he does!!

EVERYTHING Dr. Valdez does is performed with exact precision and turns out beautifully!! He takes as much time as you need, answering any and all questions and goes beyond and above making you feel very comfortable. Everything he does is with gentleness and tenderness. This year he did a face lift and made very sure it was exactly what I wanted. Everything Dr. Valdez does is beyond EXCELLENCE… He’s truly an artist at work and takes pride in what he does. The hospital, clinic, etc. is spotlessly clean and very professional. They include pick up from the airport and back, pick you up for all appointments and regularly visit you in your hotel/resort.

Dr. Valdez assistant, Betty is incredibly efficient and communicate regularly with you. She is also excellent at what she does, making sure every single need you have is completely taken care of. I would do these procedures 100 times over!

It was an experience of a lifetime!

Roxy Emmel

Lynn Gauvreau
Breast Lift with Exchange of Implants+ Capsulectomy Removal

I had my implants removed due to a right breast capsulectomy problem and the fact that my implants were 20 years old and saline base. Dr. Valdez did an amazing job, even though he had a difficult time removing the old implants. He did a lift and added new silicone implants. We both agreed on the surgery and I am in no more pain and I recovered within 10 days, Dr. Valdez recommended to still wait until 4 weeks to fully be recovered.

Betty, his surgical coordinator took very good care of all the appointments and transportations, she is very kind, intelligent and caring. Dr. Valdez goes out of his way to give 100% attention to my concerns or needs. He comes to check up on me at my resort. All the Mexican medical staff are very kind, professional and really acre about your well-being.

I would recommend anyone to meet and have a consultation with Dr. Valdez. He is double board certified in Mexico and United States. He is a perfection and very skilled surgeon.

Lynn Gauvreau.