Breast surgery in Cancun

I picked Perfection clinic on the recommendation of my friend who had breast surgery there the previous year. I was very nervous to contact them because the only time I have dealt with customer service in Mexico is on resorts, and tours. I was expecting the same pushy service from the clinic, but I was quite wrong. The patient coordinator Robyn was the first person I talked with. She was informative, and professional. I never felt like I was being pressured to pick a surgery date, the entire pre surgery process was easy. When we arrived in Cancun Robyn met us at the airport and took us to our hotel. She kept in contact with me the entire time we were there. My first meeting with the Doctor went very well, I never felt like there was a language barrier. He answered all my questions and helped me pick the right size for my body, and refused to do anything that wouldn’t look natural. On the day of the surgery I was scared but all the nurses at the clinic were so kind to me, and before I knew it I was waking up. The clinic wouldn’t let me leave until I was walking, eating, and feeling well. Which is nice because I’ve had friends in Canada tell me they were sent out of the hospital so high on drugs that they don’t remember the drive home. I felt like Perfection clinic truly cared about how I was feeling emotionally and physically. After leaving Mexico Robyn kept in touch with me and answered all my questions, I never felt like I was bothering them. I am now 3 months post op and everything looks very natural. I feel like the Doctor fixed my body, and make me look how I was always supposed to look. I am so thankful to him, and all the staff at perfection clinic.


Rhinoplasty in Cancun, Mexico

I got a rhinoplasty done by Dr. Arturo Valdez in Cancún, Mexico, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I’ve been wanting to change the shape of my nose since forever but the prices of all the doctors I consulted in the US were wayyy out of my budget. I then started inquiring about getting the procedure done in Mexico and soon enough Robyn Hoffman from Perfection Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Center reached out to me. She guided me through the whole process, from giving me the quotes of the procedures, to booking hotel in Cancún,to answering my never ending questions. She’s super friendly and is ALWAYS available to answer even the silliest of questions. I went to Mexico on the 14th of May, met Dr. Valdez on the 15th and got the procedure done on the 16th.

Dr. Valdez is amazing! He really took his time to figure out what I wanted to change about my nose and gave me realistic expectation of what can and cannot be achieved. On top of having a bulbous tip, I also had a severely deviated septum. Doc’s main focus was to fix the septum and reshape my nose to complement my overall profile. And he did just that.

The nurse, anesthesiologist and pretty much everyone at Perfection is super friendly. This was my first surgery and it was really comforting to have the anesthesiologist walk me through the whole process.

I’m writing this 7days post-op and I look and feel fantastic. So glad I decided to get the procedure done at Perfection. Definitely going back there for future plastic surgery needs.

p.s. just for reference, the lowest quote for a rhinoplasty in the US I got was $10,000 (with my insurance covering a part of the cost) but I spent a total of $2,900 for the procedure at Perfection. I’d say I’m winning at life right now, lol!

Zinath Jahan

Male tummy tuck

I am a 45 year old American white male. I had a full tummy tuck and liposuction (chest, flanks and arm pits)… I live in Dallas, Texas.  First, I was extremely pleased with the response time and information that was provided.  I Never felt like I was bothering anyone during the process with all my questions, etc.  Of course being an American it was very comforting to chat with Robyn.  Everything was just as described and promised.  Robyn and Jorge (driver) met me at the airport.  I can not say enough GREAT things about Dr. Valdez and the entire nursing staff.  Dr. Valdez never rushed any of my appointments.  Dr. Valdez truly listens to what you are wanting to achieve.  Dr. Valdez also gives a step by step as to what to expect and what he is going to do.  I am 4 weeks out of surgery, and though I’m still healing I would recommend Dr. Valdez and his team to anyone, I would trust him with my own mother!  Thank you again Dr. Valdez and team, ALL of you are outstanding at what you do!


Words cannot express what I’ve gained by this experience

After losing 120 pounds over the course of two years, I was left with a lot of loose skin in the neck area.  Even though I didn’t look too bad for my age, every time I looked into the mirror this jiggling skin would make me feel self-conscious. I researched a number of clinics, and stumbled across Perfection’s website in early 2016.  I was impressed with the professional way the information was presented as well as the great looking before and afters.

I began consulting with Robyn, the patient Liaison at Perfection and this has been an exceptional experience. Robyn goes above and beyond to make sure any and all details are taken into consideration in order for all patients’ procedures to go as smoothly and safely as possible. Robyn was key to my discovery that I was anemic and she was also there for me to assist me in my recovery.  It took more than six months to get my iron levels to where they needed to be in order to reschedule my surgery, and Robyn was key in getting my blood levels in line  – so I could take care of my terrible turkey neck!

If Robyn is the Soul of the ‘Perfection’, then Dr. Arturo Valdez is the Heart. I have met few doctors who are able to put you so at ease and who can explain the ins and outs of procedures so thoroughly that you can’t help but feel that you’re in very capable hands.  Another attribute of Dr. Valdez is his ability to listen closely to what you are requesting and to accurately translate that information into a final result that would make you happiest. By this I mean that I voiced very specific details about my neck which bothered me, and Dr. Valdez addressed those beautifully – evident in the final result of the procedure(s).

I’m not sure how it occurred, but I did develop a case of conjunctivitis during the eye-lift part of the procedure.  This is where Dr. Valdez took unprecedented control of my situation by personally procuring a prescription to soothe and heal my eye situation – and also administering it himself! For the first 24 hours that my eyes had become irritated, Dr. Valdez was there every 2-4 hours, straight through the night, to put drops in and to make sure I was comfortable! I was surprised that he simply didn’t delegate the task to some Nurses or an Assistant – Dr. Valdez took it upon himself to administer the drops and monitor the situation until I was able to put them in myself.

Now that the procedures have been completed and I am in the healing phase, I can see changes day by day and I am thrilled with the results! I feel at least ten years more youthful… the turkey neck is gone!  Thanks to Robyn and Dr. Valdez I know what to expect in the coming weeks and will continue to keep in touch as the healing progresses.

Words cannot express what I’ve gained by this experience, renewed confidence, self-esteem, and excitement and anticipation for the future. The Doctors and Staff at Perfection have demonstrated to me the skills, capability and dedication to the name of the company – and lucky me, I have also found friendship with some wonderful people as well.

Looking back at those first days where I began my research on cosmetic surgery places, I know I made the right decision in choosing Perfection, Cancun.


Beyond grateful

I am beyond grateful for the team at Perfection Clinic in Cancun, Mexico for almost 10 years of wonderful care. I began my relationship with the team many years ago when I came in for Botox injections and Juviderm. As I cultivated a relationship with the incredible Patient Coordinator Robyn Hoffman, and the talented doctors, Dr. Alfonso Gonzalez and Dr. Arturo Valdez, I soon became confident that this wonderful team could take care of all of my cosmetic needs. They have exceeded my expectations on every occasion. I have entrusted Dr. Gonzales and Dr. Valdez with minor procedures such as Juverderm, Restylane and Botox, more intricate procedures including blepharoplasty, and most recently, a breast implant revision. Each time I have returned for a procedure, the team at Perfection has exceeded my expectations. Over the years, they have made me feel like family and have put my needs and concerns first in an honest, authentic, caring and professional manner.

The talented doctors have a true gem in their Patient Coordinator Robyn Hoffman. She has served as a liaison for each and every one of my visits and I am blessed also to call her my friend after cultivating a relationship with her over the years. You will not meet a more empathetic, informative and caring listener than Robyn. She is a consummate professional and addresses any and all questions and concerns regarding the procedures offered at the clinic. On a professional level, Robyn articulates the details of every procedure performed and is more knowledgable and informative than any coordinator I have ever dealt with in the United States. On a personal level, she is a kind and beautiful soul who, with her presence, reduces anxiety, creates a calm and soothing setting, and even holds your hand before, during and after the procedure. No matter how minor or how involved each procedure is, Robyn is there with you from the very beginning to the very end, and every step in between.

Thank you Dr. Gonzales, Dr. Valdez, and so sincerely, Robyn Hoffman for the beauty that you create from the inside out. I give this team the absolute highest recommendation for any cosmetic procedure needed in Cancun, Mexico. Thank you!


Zero bruising

Zero bruising and minimal swelling after filler application. Robyn and Dr Valdez are wonderful. I look forward to pixel in a few weeks. Thanks!


Tummy tuck surgery

I’m a 44 year old man and recently had tummy tuck surgery after weight loss. I was able to enjoy a bit of Cancun before surgery, stayed in a great hotel, and was brought back and forth to my follow up appointments for much less money than in the US and without the hidden costs.

Dr Valdez did a great job! I’m very happy with my results. Very little to no waiting room time for all my appointments. My patient coordinator Robyn set up and got me to all my appointments, helped me get my medications, and is still available as I continue to recover at home. The nurses and staff were also wonderful. Thank you to everyone!


Amazing Experience with Dr. Arturo Valdez

Dr. Valdez and his coordinator Robyn Hofmann are absolutely wonderful. They are both very informative, honest and caring people. Dr. Valdez did an amazing job on my breasts and tummy tuck and it was no easy feat due to the poor quality of my skin after 2 pregnancies and significant weight loss. Robyn was there supporting me every step of the way, including during the emotional rollercoaster that sometimes accompanies plastic surgery. Dr. Valdez and Robyn made a scary experience smooth and easy with awesome results. I will be going back for more procedures from perfection in the near future and highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve their look”


Thank you for everything!

Diana Goldstein

He doesn’t just dismiss your concerns

Where to start?

My journey that brought me to Perfection Clinic started years ago when , my weight loss left me with lots of excess sagging skin and flab. Even when i would lose weight it would still just hang there…not really showing me of my weight loss results. Fed up and frustrated I sought out plastic surgeons at home in Canada to find out what could be done. A tummy tuck was my only real solution to achieve a flat stomach. I didn’t care about losing a dress size..or weighing less on a scale. For me it really was just about having a flat tummy so that when I did where my clothes I wouldn’t have so much flab pouring out over the waist band. I joke around saying that i looked like a can of Pillsbury Biscuits after you whack it on the edge of the counter. I was just so fed up of having all this loose “stuff” pouring out .

Sadly though in Canada the starting price for a full tummy tuck is 10 Thousand dollars. Who the hell has that Kind of money to drop all at once? So I put it off. Like most of us…we put off so many things when it comes to taking care of ourselves so that we can take care of others. Well finally after recently losing my Mother at age 80 I asked myself the question…” What am I waiting for to finally do this? I’m 45 and would like to enjoy the results of a tummy tuck sooner rather than later”. So after researching the procedure and what it entails…there was still the question of Money.

Well as someone who has been to Mexico 10 times in 5 years, i have seen first hand how modern, safe and up to date most, if not all medical services are. I have had many dental procedures done successfully and at a fraction of the cost so figured…why not plastic surgery? I didn’t know where to start…so the internet was my go to for names and places in Mexico for medical tourism.

I wanted a place I was familiar with…was easy to fly to. Cancun….Who hasn’t heard of Cancun? So the internet search showed me a list of clinics in Cancun where I could get a tummy tuck. One clinic in Particular kept coming up every time i did a search on different subjects regarding plastic surgery In the Cancun area. Perfection clinic.

My dentist in Mexico even gave me a couple of names of clinics he had heard about through some of his international patients…Once I saw that the clinic that came highly recommended over and over again regarding different procedures, was Perfection Medical Clinic….I decided this was obviously a sign as I didn’t get anywhere near as much info on other Cancun area clinics as I did on Perfection Clinic.  So Perfection Clinic it was.

After doing my thorough research on this clinic It became overwhelmingly clear that this would be the clinic I chose for my surgery. Testimonials from different patients from all over Canada and the Us…independent you tube videos of women who had had procedures done at Perfection. The fact that the clinic has been in business for years and haven’t changed names or changed surgeons every other year etc made me confident that this was a reputable place of business and care.

This was a well established clinic as well as a well established Surgeon. The Patient coordinator Robyn Hoffman makes all the difference when it comes to all the little details and questions one has regarding having surgery abroad. She always returns emails and text messages promptly answers any and all questions and no concern you have is too trivial. She understands that this is a big step and perhaps a little nerve racking to travel away from home to have a surgical procedure.

It also helps that although she has been Living in Mexico for over 20 years..she is an American and thus speaks English as well as fluent Spanish so you don’t have to worry about any language barriers. Not that you have to worry about that because Doctor Valdez speaks English very well.

Speaking of Dr Valdez…I never in my past 2 surgeries here at home in Canada (non cosmetic surgery) have I ever had such an amazing experience with a doctor. He makes you feel as if you are his only patient, he listens and I mean he really listens…he takes the time to make you feel relaxed comfortable and not rushed. He asks questions and gives you plenty of time to think of any questions or concerns you may have. He doesn’t just dismiss your concerns , he treats every question as a serious one and gives you full and complete answers and explanations. Most doctors I have had a home can’t take there eyes off their paper work while you ask them questions and seem uninterested in you your case and your concerns. Not Doctor Valdez… he really makes you feel taken care of and that this for him is as personal for him as it is for you. Your health and safety are his primary concerns…One would figure that in a different country as long as youhave money they will go ahead and do any and every thing you want them to do…not so!

I wanted to have have everything done at once and figured If im paying then why not. Well why not is because just like in Canada and the US , perfection clinic also has health and safety guidelines and rules. The same health standards apply here as well as Back home. They will not put your health or your life at risk just because you got the dollars! He explained why he couldn’t and why he wouldn’t and as slightly disappointed as I was that I couldn’t magically have my whole body done in one surgery, I was very pleased and reassured that this was a clinic and a Doctor who had morals and standards and that I was in very good and capable hands. It isn’t just about the money for Perfection Clinic…it really is about the patient and putting them above all else.

My day before surgery Robyn picks me up at my hotel and accompanies me to all my pre op testing…That’s right if you aren’t well or strong enough for the surgery they won’t do it! Another sign that your health and well being come first. The blood test, chest xrays and Ecg tests are all done on the same day and there is little to no waiting around to be seen once you arrive for your appointment.

The staff a this hospital where the preop testing is done are, friendly, gentle and they try really hard to speak English and make sure you understand what they are saying. They too make you feel cared for and that you are not just a number, They were very professional at all times and the hospital was clean modern and didn’t really feel like a hospital.

The results are ready the same day and you discuss the results when Robyn takes you to Perfection Clinic to have your meeting in person with Doctor Valdez to discuss your results.. Doctor Valdez sits patiently with you and takes the time to ask you any and all questions regarding your health,, your lifestyle and why you want this procedure done. Depending on your test results he discusses with you what can and will be done,,,how and why etc.

I went in knowing that I should of waited until I lost another 10 pounds to be able to have a better final result but, upon my consultation with Doctor Valdez , I was thrilled and surprised when he said He would be able to remove the dense area of fat and flab I had and that I would be able to have the flat tummy I had only ever dreamed of.

Never in a million years did I think my results would far outweigh my expectations!!!

After that meeting I was super excited to have surgery the following morning and all if any of my fears or second thoughts were laid to rest.

The morning of my Surgery i meet one of the Nurses,,,(mine was Thelma) she takes you in for a playboy photo session…ok not quite but… it will be naked “before” pictures of your body. You feel a little exposed and vulnerable but she was so respectful and professional that after a few seconds you are comfortable.

then i met again with Doctor Valdez, and he makes the final markings and goes over  the surgery with you again. Again very patiently, and calmly and makes you feel like there is all the time in the world.

gives you the time to ask any last minute questions you may have.

Then you meet with the Anaesthesiologist Dr  Florencia Alvarez Gallardo . ( I have never met with an anaesthesiologist before a surgery)

She too is very calm and patient, and takes the time to meet with you to explain what her role is during your procedure and what will be done and why as well as explain to you what you should expect when you awake from surgery. I was able to ask questions and get very detailed explanations and answers to my concerns.

She even checked up on me after I woke up and was transferred to my room after surgery. I felt very cared for not simply on a medical level but on a personal level as well.

I feel sad  that I was not able to thank her once more before leaving Cancun and coming home.

My over night stay at the clinic was wonderful…bed was comfortable, room was clean, they even have a Roku box so you can just lay there and binge watch any and everything on Netflix etc.

The nurses were round the clock checking in on me and making sure I wasn’t in any pain or discomfort. The monitored me closely and were always gentle and warm and caring,

The make sure you have a nice fruit plate , plenty of water or juice and that your pain meds are administered in a timely fashion.

Thelma was my over night nurse and she was soft spoken and at the time when I tried to get up out of bed and realised that this was a huge shock to my  body i started feeling a little down and Questioned what I had gone and done to myself and why would I do this to myself.

Thelma was right there to console me and reassure me as to what I have to look forward to…she was more than compassionate and understanding…the reason why is because she also had a similar procedure, so she knew first hand what you were physically going through. She didn’t have to share that personal info with me,,,,but she did and then I knew I wasn’t alone in what I was going through because she too had been there the year prior.

Shortly after waking up from surgery Doctor Valdez comes in and checks up on you,,,let you know how the surgery went and is there to answer any questions you have. He wants to k now if you’d like to see your tummy….OMG!!!! I freaked out….I NEVER have had a flat tummy…not even a s a child,,,my belly button was always held hostage in between 2 rolls of fat. so my tummy looked more like it had a dimple or crease in the middle. But now,…there it was plain to see not hidden anywhere and my waist….omg…I could see the definition between my hips and my waist…never really had much definition as my belly area was a round blob.

As for my “Privates” well before i could stand naked in a mirror and never see my “privates” she was tucked away far down underneath a roll of flab. NOW? well let me tell you….it is something I have never experienced but there she is …for all the world to see lol I mean…it’s where its supposed to be… so that was  a shock!!! lol

I could not believe that Doctor Valdez was able to do so much. I never even imagined or dare to dream that my body could look that way and right after surgery!!!

My incision is a tight little fine line and positioned so well that once I heal more it will be hidden by my panties…although I need to go out and buy new panties as the huge large Brief style “Granny panties” that I have worn all my life will be a thing of the past,

Doctor Valdez is a professional, Doctor, a great listener, a warm and caring bedside manner but besides all that he is a true artist when it comes to sculpting the human body. His work has astonished me… and it shows that he doesn’t do this job out of a prominent title or a ego infused need for fame or accolades…his work and his personality shows that this for him is a labour of love, and its as personal for him as it is for you. He is unbelievably humble and yet his work deserves boasting!!!

He really is talented and it shows in how careful he is with your body, the incision lines and the scaring. He wants you to have the best outcome possible.

I have been home a week now and although we are a 4 hour flight away…I am a simple text message or what’s app message away with any concerns that I pass through Robyn who always asks how I am doing and genuinely cares about your progress. No question is too silly and she promptly responds and forwards all questions, pictures or videos to Doctor Valdez who takes the time from his busy schedule to look at pics and videos and replies quickly.

He will even set up a phone appointment if you feel the need to speak to him directly to settle any concerns and put your mind at ease.

I cannot say enough about how wonderful this experience has been for me regarding the staff, the clinic, Doctor Valdez and the patient coordinator, Robyn Hoffamn.

its reassuring to know that once you leave Cancun and head back home,,,its not case closed and forget about you…on to the next patient….they really do check in on you and are always available to contact and ask questions regarding your healing process.

The kindness and care I received in my opinion , is more than I have ever received here in my own home town medical system.

Perfection Clinic is not just professional but there is a personal touch that Doctor Valdez , Dr Florencia Alvarez Gallardo, the nurses and Robyn Hoffman offer that truly make this a wonderful experience.

I would recommend Perfection Clinic and Doctor Alvarez for any and all surgery procedures….cosmetic or not.

He’s just that good personally , and professionally.

i am 3 weeks post op and have absolutely no regrets and am thrilled and amazed with the results already….I can’t even begin to imagine how much more amazing everything will look once the swelling is gone, and the incision line heals and fades.

My friends and family are in awe and are amazed.

They are now questioning me on procedures they want Doctor Valdez to perform on them! lol

If Doctor Valdez continues his amazing work which is an art form in itself, paired with his humble ,warm, and non existent, ego  he is surely going to become a household name in regards to Plastic Surgery in Cancun.

I am already looking forward to returning in a year to have a little more done here and there!

The price difference alone between Mexico and Canada makes it a no brainer as to getting work done in Cancun but the quality of work, care and professionalism of Doctor Valdez and the staff at Perfection Clinic makes it the only place i would trust my body and my health.

I not only recommend Perfection Clinic and Doctor Valdez for plastic surgery but I highly Urge you to consider having your procedures done here.

Sincerely and thrilled

Julie Smith

Excellent quality surgical work

Dear Dr.Valdez and Robyn,

In short, I am SOOO happy with this experience! I would recommend Perfection in Cancun Clinic to anyone looking for excellent quality surgical work and exceptional customer service and care along the way.

This experience went SO smoothly. After literally 2 years of struggling with oral surgeons in Toronto, Canada, I began to look for alternative options. If felt too good to be true that Perfection in Cancun was able to not only deliver exceptional care and organize my surgery in a matter of weeks, but the quality of your work and dedication you take to make your clients happy is second to none- and I can say that having spend 2 years walking in and out of clinics disappointed!

Robyn played a pivotal role in making this experience so wonderful. Upon arriving in Cancun, Robyn greeted me at the airport and brought me to my hotel. She continued to pick me up and drop me off as necessary. She was professional. super efficient, compassionate  and knowledgeable about the process. She was quick to respond to all my communications. She was charismatic, relaxed and cheerful, really making me feel safe, aware of what to expect and comfortable knowing they wanted to make me a happy client. She takes client satisfaction very seriously and went to the ends of the earth to deliver.

Dr. Valdez was clearly very skilled, he took measurements and it didn’t take long to find a chin implant that suited my face. He answered all my questions and when I had further questions the next day, he saw me between surgeries to answer all my concerns. After the surgery, I was already delighted with the results.

Robyn and Dr.Valdez, thank-you so much for your work! While the 2 years prior were frustrating, I have to look at it as a blessing because otherwise I wouldn’t have come across your clinic!

Please feel free to use my testimonial with my picture (with my eyes covered) and initials.

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