Dermabrasion – planing of the skin is an exciting procedure that is used primarily to remove the lipstick bleed lines. It is a surgical standing procedure using a fine diamond wheel. Our doctors perform this procedure alone or often with face lifting. A tremendous improvement can be achieved with planing the skin.

Proper skin care treatment before a surgery will shorten the recovery and improve the final results. Pre-operative skin care is very important for both dermabrasion and chemical peel procedures. The procedure of dermabrasion is very different from micro dermabrasion.

Planing of the skin is also very effective for treatment of acne scarring. Acne scars are very bothersome for many people. In spite of that, there is hope as planing can significantly and improve these. Planing is usually performed either under local anesthesia with sedation or under general anesthesia. The treatment time is short – typically less than one hour. The recovery is difficult for the first few days as the skin must be constantly moisturize with special creams that will be provided for you. After five to seven days, a completely new skin surface is present and the results are visible.

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