Pectoralis augmentation

Pectoralis augmentation or pectoral surgery for men can achieve a fantastic contour and profile enhancing one’s physique. The implants are placed through an armpit incision that heals almost inconspicuously. The incision is placed in the apex of the armpit following a natural skin crease.

The implants are made of semi soft solid silicone and have the feel of well-developed muscle. The implants are shaped to naturally contour the chest wall and pectoralis muscle. These implants can achieve the strongly developed and athletic shape many men desire. This surgery is completed in usually less than one hour.

Implant size and shape is selected with guidance preoperatively during consultation with Dr. Valdez. The incision is closed with sutures that dissolve leaving the best scar. The chest is wrapped with elastic bandages for a short time following surgery. Men can shower the very next day after this procedure. The result is seen immediately and normal activity can be resumed within a few weeks.

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