Breast lift (Mastopexy)

Gravity is only our friend when we want our feet to stay planted on the ground. When it comes to sagging body parts, it isn’t so friendly. It’s a particular enemy of breasts. Aging, weight loss, pregnancy, and genetics can all lead to sagging breasts that can be a source of embarrassment for women. Luckily, a breast lift (also called a mastopexy) can restore your breasts to their former youthful, perky placement.

Today, Vectra 3D Imaging allows you to see the outcome of your surgery before one incision has been made. The three-dimensional picture allows you to make an informed decision about your procedure with 100% confidence. If you also want to enlarge your breasts, you can also have a breast augmentation at the same time as your breast lift.

A breast lift requires considerable skill on the part of your surgeon – both medical training and the eye of a sculptor. Dr. Valdez is a well-known in all types of breast surgery.

What can a breast lift do for me?

A breast lift is the best way to raise your breasts higher on the chest so that they no longer sag. Your breasts will look very much like they did before gravity took its toll.

What can I expect during a breast lift?

A breast lift usually requires 1-1/2 to 3 hours and is an outpatient procedure performed under general anesthesia, during which you will be fully asleep, or a local anesthetic with IV sedation, during which you will be somewhat awake but completely relaxed throughout the procedure. The IV ensures that you will experience no pain and will feel groggy from beginning to completion.

The specific method chosen for your breast lift will depend on your anatomy and how you wish to look. The most common method of breast lift surgery involves three incisions – one around the areola, another vertically from the bottom edge of the areola to the crease underneath the breast, and the third horizontally beneath the breast in the natural curve of the crease. Rest assured, however, that our surgeons are especially skilled in keeping the scarring to a minimum.

After the incisions have been made, any excess breast skin is removed, and the remaining tissue is reshaped with the nipple and areola moved to a higher position. The areola is often stretched when breasts sag, so they can also be reduced in size, if desired, to make them more proportionate with the rest of the breasts. Liposuction is sometimes used as well to improve the contour of the breasts, especially on the sides.

Because the nipples and areolas remain attached to the underlying tissue, sensation is usually preserved, as well as the ability to breastfeed.

How long does it take to recover from a breast lift?

We will monitor your progress and give you full instructions to help speed your recovery. You may go home the same day, if you wish, but most patients take 1-2 weeks off from work. You may need to wear an elastic bandage or surgical bra for a short period of time, and you can expect some soreness and bruising for a few days. Inflammation may last for a period of weeks, gradually subsiding. If you are uncomfortable, you can take over-the-counter or prescription medication during the recovery period.

You should avoid heavy lifting or vigorous exercise for a few weeks, and you must sleep on your back until a certain amount of healing has taken place.

Breast lift surgery is long-lasting, but gravity can take its toll again over time. If you also have breast augmentation at the time of your breast lift, the results will last longer.

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