Tummy tuck revision

Abdominoplasty Revision or tummy tuck revision is a very gratifying procedure. When a patient has undergone a tummy tuck elsewhere and hasn’t achieved the results they desire it can be a very disappointing and frustrating situation. For these patients, abdominoplasty revision has proven very effective.

By performing thorough liposuction, very strong muscle tightening, and designing a procedure to deliver thinning, tightening, and flattening, outstanding results can be achieved with an impressive level of patient satisfaction. Many times, the previous tummy tuck was inadequately performed. Often little or no concurrent liposuction was performed at the initial procedure leaving the thickness of the fat much greater than desired. Also, we frequently see that a minimal or no muscle tightening was done which is so vitally important to achieve a flat tight abdomen and a marked improvement in the waistline. We often encounter significant scarring but this is removed during the revision tummy tuck procedure.

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