Body lift

Body lifting, sometimes referred to as a circumferential abdominoplasty, is a dramatic surgical procedure that eliminates flaccidity, drooping, and sagging of the trunk and upper legs associated with aging, post pregnancy changes, or significant weight loss. This procedure is being commonly used to treat the skin laxity that remains following massive weight loss and bariatric procedures. Many times, it is accompanied by thigh, breast or arm lifting to give a more dramatic result.

A complete body lift includes a circumferential abdominoplasty with the thigh lift. It lifts the buttocks, tightens the outer and front of the thighs, and achieves a flat, tight and contoured abdomen. These procedures are performed in our surgical facility, usually with an overnight stay in our surgical suite. You are cared for by a highly trained nurse, whose only concern is your care and well-being. Thanks to the use of tumescent infiltration and electrocautery, this procedure is completed with virtually zero bleeding. This is remarkable considering the extensive nature of this procedure.

During a body lift, the right and left abdominal muscles are brought together with strong permanent suture achieving a flat and tight tummy with an “hour glass” shape. Excess skin is removed all the way around the body which also achieves a fantastic lifting of the buttocks. The cellulite or skin dimpling and laxity is virtually eliminated from the outer thighs and the front of the thighs with results extending all the way to the knees. The inner thighs are addressed, if needed, usually in a second setting with an inner thigh lift. This can be either in the pubic thigh crease or vertically to maximally improve circumferential thigh skin tightening.

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