Dual Plane Breast Augmentation Technique

You’ll have a number of choices to make after you decide to undergo breast augmentation surgery at The Valdez Center for Plastic Surgery. One of the most important decisions regards breast implant placement.

Historically, The Valdez Center for Plastic Surgery patients have had two options for implant location in their breast augmentation surgery: sub-glandular (under the breast tissue and over your chest muscle) and sub-muscular (under the chest muscle).

These choices came with their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. However, with the innovative dual plane breast augmentation surgery technique, our skilled board certified plastic surgeons can offer you a breast implant placement that gives you the best of both worlds.

What is the Dual Plane Breast Augmentation Surgery Technique?

A dual plane technique is appropriate for women who have a slight amount of sagging or drooping, but not enough to justify a full breast lift. Breast augmentation surgery with this technique also “lifts” the nipple into a higher, more attractive position, as the implant settles into its final position in the weeks after surgery.

The advantages of the dual plane breast augmentation surgery include:

In a breast augmentation surgery performed with the dual plane technique, we’re able to use both a sub-glandular and sub-muscular implant location. The upper part of the implant is sub-muscular, meaning it is placed in a pocket underneath the chest muscle, while the lower part of the implant is covered only by your breast tissue.

The implant is placed after a small incision is made along the base of the breast.

In short, a dual plane technique is perfect for women who have a mild amount of breast drooping and who are looking for a breast augmentation surgery that gives them the higher, more attractive position of a breast lift without the resulting extensive scars associated with a lifting procedure. Like other forms of breast augmentation surgery, a dual plane procedure is safe and provides aesthetically pleasing results.

You can discuss your breast augmentation surgery options, including the dual plane technique, with our experienced board-certified plastic surgeons at your complimentary cosmetic consultation.

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